my hawaii adventure

At the end of this summer, I’ll be going on vacation to Hawaii!! I’m super excited! Thinking about my upcoming trip to Hawaii has brought back some crazy memories from my last trip to Hawaii, so I thought I’d share a story with you guys about my previous Hawaii experience:

Scared and alone in the middle of the ocean, the crashing sound of the waves no longer sounded relaxing. Everybody has a scary experience at least once in their life, but they don’t know when it will happen. Surfing in Hawaii became one of the worst things that ever happened to me, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I could feel the warm sand beneath my feet and the hot sun beating on my skin. It was the summer of 2008, and I was in Hawaii for vacation. My family and I were at the beach. We walked over to where a van was parked, and the feeling of soft sand was replaced by rough pavement. My family got five surfboards from the van to rent (my sister and I would take turns on one). I didn’t want to surf, but my parents made me because they thought it would be  a great experience for me. So I turned to my sister, hoping she would go first with our surfboard, but my attempt to convince her was unsuccessful. I was stuck with the board.

We paddled out on our surfboards, leaving my mom and sister behind. After a few minutes, my dad had to go back to shore because he realized that his wallet was in his pocket. Even though I was with other family members, getting separated from my dad scared me. I continued paddling out, but I went slower than everyone else so my dad could catch up to me when he came back. This made everything worse; not only was I separated from my dad, but now I was separated from the rest of my family. I was alone and scared.

I tried and tried to get to my family, but the enormous waves of salty water were a difficult obstacle to get through. They pushed me off my board time and time again and tried to drown me.  It was a cycle – tumbling under water, then gasping for air. I never even got the chance to stand on the board. I called to my dad and godmother for help, but they struggled to get to me. Finally, after what seemed like hours, my godmother got to me.

Together, we tried swimming back to shore. When we were unsuccessful, we tried calling to people on the beach for help. Someone finally heard us and swam out and saved us. The sand never felt better than it did at that moment.

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