fall bucket list

Hey guys!! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on here for 2 months…I’ve been so busy since school started!! Anyways, it finally kinda feels like fall here in California and I can’t even express my excitement because fall is one of my favorite times of the year (but I honestly like all the times of the year except spring, lol). So to start off this amazing season, here’s all the things that you absolutely HAVE to do before the season is over :)

  • Have a movie night. In your pajamas. With friends and hot cocoa.

This is seriously so much fun to do during this time of the year because of the weather! This is definitely at the top of my fall bucket list, so I highly recommend you do this too!! P.S. my fav movies to watch in fall are Coraline,

  • Have a fall photo shoot.

Since all the leaves turn pretty colors during this time, having a photo shoot is such an amazing idea! Go to the park or to a pumpkin patch with some friends to take some Instagram worthy pics with the pretty leaves and trees.

  • Bake!!

Okay, honestly, I could say baking is on my bucket list for every single season. But baking in fall is seriously sooo much fun. Make some fall themed treats (ex. any pastries with pumpkin) for a fun filled time with friends or family.

  • Go apple picking.

ANOTHER amazing photo opportunity, plus it’s a lot of fun. It’ll also give you some healthy snacks because, seriously, we’re all super unhealthy during the last 3 months of the year.

  • Take time to relax and appreciate things :)

Last thing on my fall bucket list!! So once fall comes, the rest of the year goes by super fast. Can you even believe it’s already October?! It feels like 2016 just started, it’s crazy. So since time goes by fast all the time and won’t stop, really take some time to appreciate these last moments of 2016 :)

Have an amazing week lovelies xoxo♡

P.S. If you like the pillows on my couch in the picture at the top, they’re both from Target!!

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