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My favorite part of my room is, without a doubt, my desk area. I’m in love with all the decor that I have on my desk!! BTW don’t mind my super old computer haha. On the left side of my computer I have a bright pink notebook that says “RIDICULOUSLY GOOD IDEAS”. I found it at TJMaxx, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to buy it. It was love at first sight!  By the notebook I have a bucket that I got from the Target dollar section (my favorite part of Target for sure), filled with index cards so I can easily make little notes. On the right side I have a succulent in a mini mason jar, and all my hand sanitizers in a huge mason jar – and for those of you wondering how I got a decorated mason jar, I just printed out a picture and stuck it inside the mason jar ;) The last part of my desk area is the calendar hanging above my desk. I actually made this calendar! If enough people want the document for the calendar, I’ll put it up on this site!

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